We are racing to complete our tasks as the Mini-Expo timer counts down.

So far, we have completed:

  • Podcast #1 –  it has been recorded already
  • The brochure
  • the revision of the research paper
  • the researching of possible partnerships
  • the 3D models and sketches of the prototype

We have yet to complete:

  • the storyboard
  • the trifold board
  • the business paper and the SWOT analysis
  • the Google forms
  • the experimentation

The members of this team are working diligently working towards the completion of this project.

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We have nine days left until Mini-Expo!

So far we have:

  • finalized our logo design and it’s animation has been completed.
  • bought a project board to start preparing for Mini-Expo.
  • finished the jingle.
  • drawn up a rough sketch on how the app is going to work.
  • finished the biographies of each person.
  • finalized the surveys.

We are working on the storyboard, the website, this blog, business materials, and taking photos of the team.


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We have exactly fourteen days until March 9th, Mini-Expo. Everyone on this team is working rapidly and efficiently to finish their assigned tasks. Here is what we have accomplished so far:

  • Team logo draft designs (made on Blender):
  • The pomp bios and the team photos are being uploaded to the website.
  • The rough draft of the video has been made.
  • The scripts and the jingle are being drafted.
  • The cost analysis, business plan, and research paper are being worked on.
  • Possible partnerships with therapists are being researched.
  • Experimentation is being drafted.


We may have a limited amount of time, but by the time Mini-Expo rolls around, we will have a finished product.

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Things are looking bright for the future of this project! TheraOrb has progressed in the past few days. Here is what we have done so far:

  • The logo design: we brainstormed it’s color and other aspects of its design.
  • Market research has been completed. We have taken all the popular products that are in competition with us and analyzed their pros and cons.
  • The jingle and advertisement scripts are being drafted.
  • Webpage: All the appropriate and relevant pages have been created. Nothing has been published yet, but we hope to finish a majority of the website by the end of February break.

These various changes will certainly prepare us for mini-Expo.

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Welcome! (02.12.16)

Welcome to the official blog to TheraOrb, the electronic stress ball!

An innovative take of the generic stress ball, TheraOrb was made primarily to aid people suffering from anxiety and stress disorders/conditions and have difficulty expressing their emotions. This could lead to misunderstandings, suicide, and in some rare cases, violence. Our mission is to create a safe outlet for mentally ill kids and to help their social workers improve their treatment.

The theme for this year’s Expo is Empathy by Design, which means that we have to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and create a product that solves whatever challenge they are facing. TheraOrb addresses this theme with accuracy.

Mini-Expo, an event that puts all the Expo ideas in our grade level against each other for judging, takes place on March 9th – less than a month away. We got off to a slow, rough start, but everyone and everything is running at a fast pace. Given the time we have and the pace we are working at, we will be able to complete all of our given tasks.

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