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We have won Mini-Expo!

We would like to give a heartfelt thanks to all of the judges, teachers, parents, and students that came to our booth and filled out our survey. Your contribution was very much appreciated!

We’d also like to welcome our newest members to the team: Nailah Hutchinson, Erica Jones, Brian Pettaway, and Austin Cepalia!  Their diligence will greatly benefit our project.

Our main goals are to finish a prototype of our product by early-April, refine the website, get more data from students and professionals, and to get a partnership. So far, we have made great progress, as the site is nearing completion and the data keeps pouring in.

We are currently editing the business plan and our informational powerpoint. Kateri Torrealba, our booth design expert, is currently researching S.W.A.G items and a company to custom design our table cloth.

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Mini-Expo has finally passed!

Our team has working tirelessly this past month to finish all the necessary components to this project and it has finally come together to form a beautiful display.

All of the other projects in our grade were wonderful and equally interesting as ours was – so congrats to them!

We have not yet gotten the results from the judging, but we hope to receive them by Monday, the 14th.

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It’s been a tense few days for the TheraOrb team!

Our team is working diligently to come up with motto ideas and complete the business portion of the website. We are also taking many team photos and updating our social media as frequently as possible.
We aim to have a draft of the app and prototype time by the time Mini-Expo rolls around.


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We are racing to complete our tasks as the Mini-Expo timer counts down.

So far, we have completed:

  • Podcast #1 –  it has been recorded already
  • The brochure
  • the revision of the research paper
  • the researching of possible partnerships
  • the 3D models and sketches of the prototype

We have yet to complete:

  • the storyboard
  • the trifold board
  • the business paper and the SWOT analysis
  • the Google forms
  • the experimentation

The members of this team are working diligently working towards the completion of this project.

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