Monthly Archives: April 2016


There are 22 days until the Student Innovation Expo!

We have a quite a deal done, so far. We have the AutoCAD models of our Stresslet, commercial, and social media all up to date with the name change. However, we still need visuals – such as graphs and charts – for the research tab of the website and we need the all the business components up to date. We also need to order our S.W.A.G items as the t-shirts and the banners are already done. Given our current time frame, we will be able to complete all these tasks.

We’d like the thank all the students from the 5B Honors Chemistry class, as they have aided us a lot in the process of completing this project.



There are 40 days until Expo!

We made the appropriate domain changes for this blog and our site, and we have officially bought the domain for our website. Here is the link!

We are currently working on the competition research, research paper, presentation, and many other aspects of this project. We are working on interviewing professionals in the field of psychology. The information video has been drafted and recorded. The final cut will be made soon.