There are two days until Expo!

Over the past few weeks, we have accomplished a lot! We created four videos, finished our table cloth, conducted two experiments, created a document on the HIPAA laws, and finished the Market/Survey Analysis.

Our website underwent tremendous editing to improve the flow and organization of the content. We are nearly done with every single aspect of this project. Now, all we have to do is rehearse our pitches!

We ordered our team polos a while back and we received them last Friday. They look absolutely amazing! We can’t wait to show off all the hard work and commitment we have poured into this project.




We’re getting a lot of our tasks done!

So far, we have:

  • Finished the model
  • Finished the informational videos
  • Finished the experiments
  • Received the vertical/horizontal banners
  • Finished the Launchpad site

We still need to:

  • Finish some parts of the website
  • Upload the videos to the site and this blog
  • Get more people to register for Launchpad
  • Finish the survey analysis
  • Order/receive the SWAG items
  • Finish our table cloth
  • Receive our team t-shirts

We are confident that we will be able to finish all of these very important tasks by the 14th.


EXPO is next week! The team is very excited to go and share our product with the public. However, there are still many tasks that need to be accomplished. The website, for example, still needs design improvements, but looks good overall! The scripts for all the videos are being finished by the end of this week. The main focus, for now, is on the experiments. We have received wrist bands that measure your heart rate, but those still need to be tested as well. We hope that everything will be ready by the end of next week. Wish us luck!


There are 22 days until the Student Innovation Expo!

We have a quite a deal done, so far. We have the AutoCAD models of our Stresslet, commercial, and social media all up to date with the name change. However, we still need visuals – such as graphs and charts – for the research tab of the website and we need the all the business components up to date. We also need to order our S.W.A.G items as the t-shirts and the banners are already done. Given our current time frame, we will be able to complete all these tasks.

We’d like the thank all the students from the 5B Honors Chemistry class, as they have aided us a lot in the process of completing this project.


There are 40 days until Expo!

We made the appropriate domain changes for this blog and our site, and we have officially bought the domain for our website. Here is the link!

We are currently working on the competition research, research paper, presentation, and many other aspects of this project. We are working on interviewing professionals in the field of psychology. The information video has been drafted and recorded. The final cut will be made soon.


Today, six members of our team attended a workshop at SCSU (Southern Conn. State University).

Many things were discusses with the professionals at that workshop – such as the design. We have all decided that the design is to be changed, meaning that our team name and our logo will have to change as well. Designs are being drafted and discussed.

Our new name will be Stresslet, as the new overall design will be similar to that of a FitBit. Unlike TheraOrb, which was a stress-ball that was worn around the neck, Stresslet will be a bracelet that measures heart rate and records daily schedules. It also has a GPS locator to show your location on the companion app.

All the judges provided very helpful suggestions on how to improve our project. Thank you to the other teams that participated alongside with us!


We have won Mini-Expo!

We would like to give a heartfelt thanks to all of the judges, teachers, parents, and students that came to our booth and filled out our survey. Your contribution was very much appreciated!

We’d also like to welcome our newest members to the team: Nailah Hutchinson, Erica Jones, Brian Pettaway, and Austin Cepalia!  Their diligence will greatly benefit our project.

Our main goals are to finish a prototype of our product by early-April, refine the website, get more data from students and professionals, and to get a partnership. So far, we have made great progress, as the site is nearing completion and the data keeps pouring in.

We are currently editing the business plan and our informational powerpoint. Kateri Torrealba, our booth design expert, is currently researching S.W.A.G items and a company to custom design our table cloth.

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Mini-Expo has finally passed!

Our team has working tirelessly this past month to finish all the necessary components to this project and it has finally come together to form a beautiful display.

All of the other projects in our grade were wonderful and equally interesting as ours was – so congrats to them!

We have not yet gotten the results from the judging, but we hope to receive them by Monday, the 14th.

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It’s been a tense few days for the TheraOrb team!

Our team is working diligently to come up with motto ideas and complete the business portion of the website. We are also taking many team photos and updating our social media as frequently as possible.
We aim to have a draft of the app and prototype time by the time Mini-Expo rolls around.


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